June 23 - July 6
Cà Le Suore (PU) Italy
Retreat with Lino Miele

Books and DVDs

Astanga Yoga Book - The Yoga of Breath

Approximately 360 pages with more than 200 photos, this book is the result of Lino's more than 20 years of passionate Ashtanga yoga practice and the fruit of 10 years of profound research into the vinyasa method under the guidance of his guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The 1st through 4th series are illustrated and explained in the vinyasa context, currently Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian and Korean edition.


DVD Primary Series with Lino Miele

This dvd contains:
The Practice: 1st series performed by Lino Miele
Self Practice: Images filmed during a Mysore class
Teaching: Lino explains and deepens the main points of the practice
Photo Gallery

Lino Miele: Experience South America DVD

Unlike his previous videos, which focus on his demonstration of the postures, this video shows Lino actively instructing students in the full vinyasa format in his precise, resonating style. An in-depth interview and full relaxation sequence round out the viewer's experience of Ashtanga yoga in South America.

DVD Primary Series Full Vinyasa

This DVD, performed and executed by Lino Miele, shows the 1st series of the Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, according to the teaching of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, with the precise sequence of each asana and exact counting of the vinyasa (breath movement system) DVD avaible PAL or NTSC.

DVD Second and Third Series

Intermediate series and Advanced "A" series performede by Lino Miele & Gwendoline Hunt in Kovalam - South India.


This new laminated poster shows all the poses of the 1st and 2nd series performed by Lino Miele. It is available in two sizes: Large: cm. 70 x 50
Medium: cm. 50 x 35
Small: cm. 33 x 25